Thanks so much Kay! I loved the class. I needed to be steered back on track, I was running on auto-pilot for a while. The class really helped me to get more focused on my soul's purpose!   Brandy Wilson

Kay offers a safe atmosphere to explore and embrace one's self.  She is a compassionate guide to one's own life map.  With her guidance and illumination, I believe we can find our own way through life with wisdom and love. - Ingrid

I loved your stories and how you were able to make the stories relate to things I was feeling or questioning. The stories really helped me see the different heart line types better. I appreciate the individual attention to everyone in class. Thank you! -Kastalena

Thank You So Much Kay !! This information will help so much. From the bottom of my heart I feel honored to be a student of yours. You have such a healing loving environment in your classroom that it was a transformational weekend educationally as well as spiritually for me. -Astara

“Kay, I wanted to let you know how much I learned in your class. It exceeded what I expected - and you are a fabulous teacher!! I look forward to seeing you again. Again, your efforts are much appreciated.” -Janis

“Hello Kay :-) I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for analyzing my hands today. Your insights meant so much to me and I truly value what I learned from you during our time together. It was an experience I will never forget- there is no other way you could have known those specifics about me and I have gained both a respect for your art form and a new confidence to proceed with in my life. Thank you so much!" - Julie

"At the top of my list of goals was to be at peace. How's that for a tall order? Kay was not too surprised when my hand analysis revealed this to be my soul's deepest desire. Through my personalized hand analysis I learned about my life purpose and life lessons as well, and how these themes keep showing up. Through coaching sessions with Kay I have been able to see for the first time, very clearly how these themes play out, and this has enabled me to make new choices. Kay has given me many practical tools to use when I am faced with challenges. Sometimes it is as simple as allowing an opening to see things differently. Tapping and affirmations are especially powerful tools which she has taught me to use in creating a peaceful experience of life.
     I have seen progress in nearly all ten areas of focus and I am certainly closer to being that person I want to be: peaceful, confident, and happy. Am I ready to part ways with my personal guide? No way! I have found a true gem. My heart-felt gratitude and deepest admiration are small tokens for the gifts she has given to me." - Stacie Villavicencio - Inn Keeper and Full Time Mom

"I am sending this with all the love in my heart. The evening I hosted for my girlfriends started out as something fun and a reason to get the girls together. Little did I know the impact you would have on me. As you know, I am an artist and very creative soul, but lately I have been blocked and very lazy about working in my studio. After my evening with you, I could tell you had the key for me. When we spent an hour together a few days later, you opened doors for me. I have always known that I am a giver and always wanting to help everyone. My problem is setting boundaries, etc. Your insights have impacted my life in ways I never imagined. You are a bright light Kay, I am so grateful you have entered my life." - Betsy